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[16/08/08] There are more than 16 days before the end of the seo contest busby seo challenge, and positions are constantly changing. From the 6th place where I stayed nearly two months, I just dropped the 10th. Too bad, I am on vacation, out of busby seo challenge and competition referral. So let's go for 2 weeks of fun!

[30/07/08] The Busby Babes. On 6 February 1958, the coach of Manchester United, Matt Busby and his Busby Babes - a group of talented young players who had just won two championships (not Busby seo challenge) - make a return flight from Belgrade, where they faced the Etoile Rouge to Europ cup. During a refueling stop in Munich, the plane crash during take-off. 8 dead, including Duncan Edwards (21 years older) who died. 15 days later as a result of his injuries, and several members of staff. Sir Bobby Charlton made from the survivors.

[06/07/08] Yes !!! Since yesterday, the page of the seosphere's team busby seo challenge is finally moved into first place, the strategy of bond seems to have worked - for more information, read GOOGLE penalty of 26 June. We hope now that sphereteam remains in pole position and my busby seo challenge follow it :)

[24/06/2008] No article today because I am on holidays, and less to find Busby seo challenge on the beach, no reason to talk about it: P


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