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[13/06/2008] To change the seo contest, busby seo challenge... Did you know that the symbol of firefox was not a red fox, but a red panda? This small animal, sometimes called Firefox in English - a translation of his nickname Chinese used less hǔo hú, literally "firefox" in view of its color- is the official mascot of the Firefox web browser.

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The fact that the logo represents an animal that is similar to a fox, the likeness of the red panda with this animal and literal translation of the word "firefox" means that sometimes we take the mascot of software for a fox, wrongly. You should know that this little panda does not come from Australia, a country of busby seo contest, but China.

[10/06/2008] The contest seo : busby seo challenge has been launched for 10 days now, and competition rages. On the formal request, there are now more than 18 000 results. There are still more than 2 months and a half and my busby seo challenge is constantly come and go between 3rd places or be completely out of results.
Well, we'll change the ideas from the weekend to celebrate the seocontest2008 won with the team:)

[08/06/2008] But what's happening ? After several days remained in the top 5 ranking on google, my busby seo challenge just disappear first 100 results. New pages arrive, which promises a rich seo rebounds.

[07/06/2008] The SEO contest Busby SEO challenge is organized by the Busby Web Solutions who is in Australia, the island country of kangaroos, Koalas, Aborigines, didgeridoo (musical instrument) and the Ayers Rock.
Australia, which has nothing to do with the busby seo challenge, is a beautiful land, the contrasting landscapes and beautiful.


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