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[06/06/2008] The Sphere team is back in the competition busby seo challenge. After being disqualified because of the presence of the word in its SEO in her url, it decided to participate in another domain name: Sphereteam.com . Let wish them good luck :)

[05/06/2008] It is confirmed. The words Seo, Challenge and Busby should not appear in domain names and subdomain pages participating in seo contest busby seo challenge.
The result, several participants come suddenly to be eliminated, including the blog of the team seosphere. What will happen now within the team ... mystery.
I'm Feeling Lucky, I used my site "vol de papillon" for my page busby seo challenge.

[04/06/2008] This time the contest busby seo challenge is well launched. According to the organizer site, there are 129 participants and the official request is: busby seo challenge. This contest is already a lot of questions, particularly in the management of keywords in the URL pages contest. The team also seophere expects a response from the board administrator to see if its link: http://www.seocontest2008-sphere.com is valid !

Following therefore in the next episode: o)

[01/06/2008] Hello, here's my little page contest that attempts to participate in a seo (search engin optimization) contest and which has the keyword: Busby Seo Challenge. Prizes for this seo contest are:

  • 1st: $ 5 000
  • 2nd: $ 2 000
  • 3rd: $ 500
  • What is a SEO' s contest ?

    Webmasters set on optimization of sites (SEO - Search Engine Optimization) of referencing and positioning in the results of search engines clash from time to time in a friendly tournament (most of the time) to place its site the first on the results of a search engine, on a given request (generally completely imaginary, eccentric and not-competing (at the beginning... because that often leaves very extremely !).

    Why a SEO' s contest ?

    For the pleasure, on the one hand, of playing to seek which small parameter, which subtle refining will tip the scales and of making you grapiller some places... By curiosity, also, to include/understand how the search engines, at which speed they index, etc...


    busby Papillon